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Asked Questions

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     Troubleshooting & Helpful Information

  • What are OTC hearing aids?
    OTC Hearing Aids work like regular hearing aids, except you don't need a prescription or audiologist consultation to buy them. The "OTC" stands for "Over The Counter."
  • How much maintenance will my hearing aid need?
    Keeping your hearing aids clean is crucial to getting the most from them. Wearing a hearing aid can increase the amount of wax your ear produces, so it’s especially important to perform the following cleaning routine daily. • Wipe the surface of the hearing aids with a wet wipe, soft cloth, or tissue. • Brush around the hearing aids’ microphones using the provided brush. • Clean away any wax buildup in the domes and stems using the provided cleaning tool..
  • Does my new OTC hearing aid require an app?
    RCA OTC Hearing Aids are ready to use out of the box! No App needed.
  • Do I have to have a hearing test before using this product?
    RCA OTC Hearing Aids do not require a hearing test or audiologist's evaluation to purchase and use. They are designed to help most cases of mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • The hearing aid won’t turn on.
    Make sure the hearing aid is charged and turned on (the power switch should be in the  [up] position). Then use the hearing aid’s volume wheel to turn it up. If you still don’t hear sound, clean the hearing aid’s dome and microphone using the provided brush/pick.
  • The hearing aid whistles when I use it.
    Make sure the dome is seated snugly in your ear. You might need to adjust it to get a better seal­— it should fit snugly in your ear so that almost no sound escapes. If you can’t get it to fit snugly, you might need to try a different dome size.
  • The hearing aid doesn’t produce sound.
    Recharge the hearing aid. Plug the provided charging cable into the charging port on the bottom of the hearing aid. Plug the other end of the cable into a USB power source. The hearing aid’s charging indicator illuminates. It turns off when the hearing aid is charged.
  • What are my hearing aids not working?
    The behind-the-ear hearing aids require you to completely shut them off during the charging process.
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